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Coolgadgets | Apple Juicz Solar Charger, MacBook

Cool gadgets today is Apple juicz, one of the solar charger that developed by Quickertek company for MacBook that named by Apple Juicz.

So, The user of this cool gadgets (Apple Juicz) not need to be worry for loss of battery in the difficult electric place. Because can use this Macbook (solar charger) for fill the battery of MacBook.

cool gadgets apple juicz
Beside it name that Unique, form of this charger not like the charger commonly, Apple Juicz is formed like mat, the size is large, all of the mat surfaces is solar panel that absorb Solar energy.

Apple Juicz is equipped by a connector that developed for laptop MacBook Pro and MacBook air, Charge 12 volt and the third connector for other product.

There are two versions of Apple Juicz, namely: capacity of 27 watts with a size of 41.5 x 30.5 inch priced at USD 700 and 55 watt capacity measuring 59 x 30.5 inches at USD 1,200. Apple Juicz can be used for the MacBook 11-inch to 17 inches.

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